Don’t be fooled into thinking winter is over just yet. Whilst technically it is still the coldest time, the good news is the season is shifting, and there’s never been a more enjoyable time to get out on your bike.

A change in weather

This winter has been extremely wet. I think I’ve said that every year for the past god knows how many years, but this year in, particular has certainly been a wet one. Finding the motivation to get up and ride has been a tough struggle for all, but now is the time to optimise your hours on the saddle.

Crisp, frosty cold mornings are on the horizon as we slowly venture into spring and personally, this season is one of my more favoured seasons. It’s easy to become complacent through February & March, with ice and freezing cold temperatures meaning preparation is needed for all weather fronts.

Changing tactics

I tend to change my cycling habits during the winter months, heading out after work rather than before. Cold dark mornings are such a struggle for me, so it’s easier to cycle after work as it’s a little warmer from the days sun.

It’s about this season, when the mornings become lighter and the days longer, that I change back to my usual summer ‘mode’. Getting up at the crack of dawn and putting in an hour or 2 before work. Nothing beats the feeling of natural warmth from a steady climb or quick pace.

Seeing the beauty + reaping the benefits

There’s something very beautiful about the seasons changing, you can see spring trying to push through day after day, boggy dirt and grit becomes dislodged and slowly disappears into the road side.

At this point in the changing season, there are 3 essential items that I can’t leave my house without.

1. A Restrap frame bag

Between Autumn & spring I tend carry more than kit than in summer. During summer, the nice bikes come out, there’s no need for any extra layers, arm warmers/bib warmers or extra food. Carrying extra tools, food and clothes in a frame bag means eliminating any bulky items from your back pockets, most of which might not fit anyway!

2. A Buff neck-warmer

I won’t ride without it! Particularly for the colder weather a neck warmer is essential, it’s also extremely versatile so you can wear as a hat, covering the bottom part of your face or simply double it over as a deep winter neck warmer.

3. Seal Skinz all season gloves

There’s nothing worse than cold hands in my opinion.  I’ve worn these gloves for the last 5-6 years and there’s no faulting them. Don’t be fooled by the bright sunshine, thin gloves will mean within 15 minutes you won’t feel your fingers!

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