With many of us making bike-related New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to put together our best niche cycling apps (+1 app in waiting) to get you kick-started to achieving your goals in 2020. 

There are loads of articles out there telling you the best cycling apps available, they usually include the same faces (Strava, Zwift etc..) which most of us already know about. That’s why we rummaged to find the freshest cycling apps to get you pedalling towards your objectives.

Bike Repair

Most of us have watched countless YouTube videos, and have got absolutely nowhere when our bikes needed a spot of maintenance. Luckily, we came across the app ‘Bike Repair’. A mechanical is common, especially on UK roads, but if something happens would you know how to repair the problem?

If you’re like us, then you’ll need a helping hand, which is why Bike Repair is on our list. The app even gives you advice on what kit to wear dependant on the weather and manages your servicing schedule. It’s the perfect accessory for someone new to cycling.

£3.99 App Store
£2.49 Google Play

Bike Repair app


This one is for the performance cyclists who want an easy-to-use personalised training plan. SPOK’D links up with Strava and Garmin so you barely have to input any data and adapts your training plan to your schedule and needs, it literally works around you. 

Now, you’re going to call me out on this one as it’s not technically an app… yet. Saying that, the website for SPOK’D is fully accessible from a phone, tablet or desktop, so whatever you’re doing, you’ll be able to access your latest personalised training schedule. 

SPOK’D put together a sweet article talking about why you don’t need structure in your training, it’s a good read for those who are keen cyclists but struggle to find the time to keep to a training plan, check it out here.

£9.99 p/m SPOK’D

SPOK'D interface

Cycling Cafe Finder

Whether you’ve been on a ride and need a little kick before the final stretch home or if you’re out with your local cycling club and want to socialise over a brew, there’s always an excuse to find a cafe nearby to recharge the legs. Some of us are savvy and plan a cafe stop before we set off, but for others, it sometimes requires a Google search on the side of the road which rarely ends with you sat with a refreshing coffee and a slice of cake.

The Cycling Cafe Finder will help you locate a nearby cycle-friendly cafe, all you have to do is go into the app and search the map for a cafe nearby. Their database is 200+ cafes strong, so you should be able to find one not so far away on your next ride! The interface is a little rusty, but it does the job.

Free App Store

Cycling Heroes

Most people love freebies, which is why this app had to be on the list. It’s actually one that a couple of us already use in the office. Cycling Heroes offers you discounts, rewards and challenges so you can get active with the added incentive of getting a gift for doing so. 

It has something for everyone, their challenges vary from being inclusive to challenging. Whether you’re cycling to work on your 5-mile commute or hitting 100 miles on a Sunday morning, you’ll love this app. We’ve found that it keeps us motivated on those days when you’re struggling to get clipped in, it’s definitely worth a download!

You can find out more on our Cycling Heroes specific blog post here. We’re currently hosting a challenge with Cycling Heroes with the prize being a Sold Secure Gold rated Hiplok for two lucky winners, join the challenge here to be in with a chance of winning!

Free App Store
Free Google Play

Cycling Heroes app

Epic Ride Weather

Ever made the mistake of going short-sleeved in early October because you’ve still got that summer feeling and instantly regretted it? With Epic Ride Weather you won’t need to make that mistake again. 

All you have to do is link it to your route planning app (Strava, Komoot, MayMyRide etc…) and enter the time you’ll be setting off so it can work out the temperature, precipitation, and wind direction and speed throughout your ride. It also grabs data based on your average speed from the route planning app so it’ll tell you what weather you’ll encounter and when you’ll experience it, so you can prepare for everything.

Free App Store
Free Google Play

Epic Ride Weather app


Whenever we watch the Tour de France, we always love to see those 3D animations taking you through the stage and centres in on specific climbs or sprints with images and photos to get you excited for the racing ahead. Who knew you could do it for your rides too…

Relive’s app tracks your ride and creates a 3D animation of your cycling the route. You can even add images and videos from the ride, it takes the image and slots it perfectly into the 3D animation so it pops up just at the right time. You can even get the app to track several riders in a single ride, so you can see who was at the front of the group and when. It’s one of the greatest apps for those who like to share their adventures and rides with friends.

Free App Store
Free Google Play

Whether or not you use the apps mentioned, we hope you achieve all your cycling goals in 2020! If you want to make sure you’re covered for the New Year, click here to get a quote.

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