Win a spot for the Brompton Championship in London on the August the 3rd 2019

The following terms of condition apply to the online contest “Win a spot for the Brompton Championship in London on the August the 3rd 2019” further referred to as “contest”.

1. Approval of eligibility requirements

With dispatching the form of participation every participant agrees specifically and mandatorily to the following terms of condition. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

2. Participation authorization

Only people who are contractually capable and at least at the age of 18 are legitimated to participate. Excluded are employees, consultants or other staff being on the payroll of Bikmo or Brompton as well as their first and second-degree relatives and their life partners living in cohabitation.

3. Rules of the online competition

The competition takes place from June 21st 2019, up to, and including, the June 30th 2019 till 11:59 pm CET. Under all participants, 1 winner will be picked at random. One submission per person allowed. Submissions can be edited. Submissions are only accepted via posts under the Facebook competition post.

4. Prize and winner’s notification

The winner of the contest will be chosen by random selection. The winner will be informed via Facebook and will be tagged with the Facebook account denoted in the participation. The winner has to confirm the notification within two days including all necessary personal information. Otherwise, Bikmo is authorized to choose another winner.

The contest includes the following benefits:

  • One spot for the Brompton World Championship in London on August the 3rd 2019 participating in the Bikmo team


The legal process is excluded. Cash payment as well as payment in material assets or prize exchange is not possible. The prize is not transferable.

5. Responsibilities

Bikmo endeavours to publish correct information on the internet. Liability for incorrect statements or technical mistakes concerning the winner‘s choice of this competition
is not given by Bikmo. In case of winning the contest, the winner takes the trip at their own risk. Bikmo or Brompton are not liable for possible damages, which could possibly happen because of the involved parties.

6. Publication of the winner

The participants agree with their participation free of charge and irrevocable to the following terms: of Bikmo or Brompton are allowed to use the participant’s name and photo for spot announcements and editorial issues. Personal data is only used within the scope of the competition and will not be given to a third person or to promotion partners.

7. Exclusion of participation

When it comes to the violation of the eligibility requirements Bikmo reserves its right to exclude participants from this competition. Furthermore, Bikmo reserves its right to exclude those participants who try to use illegal additives or to get advantages by using manipulative methods. This is the case if using automatic scripts, hacker tools, Trojans or other viruses. Furthermore, not truthfully personal data or using “fake-profiles” leads to exclusion. In such cases, where required, the prize can be cancelled by Bikmo.

8. Premature termination

Bikmo is entitled to cancel the competition ahead of schedule if unpredictable, not susceptible incidents happen which could possibly hinder the originally planned execution. This includes the not permitted intervention of third persons, technical problems concerning hard- or software and other incidents which Bikmo is not in control of. This also concerns encroachments which are directly linked to the realization of the competition, for example, the manipulative usage of several e-mail addresses or the violation of personal data from other participants.

9. Legal Process

The legal process for the realization of this competition as well as the winner’s choice is excluded.

Chester, June 2019
Any questions concerning the eligibility requirements? Please contact

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