A typical day in the life of myself is hard to put down on paper. My days vary massively every week due to training and work commitments. I ride and race for Rose Bikes and this is by far my biggest focus, but alongside racing I’m an MTB coach, coaching other riders of all levels how to feel more comfortable and gain the most from their riding. I absolutely love my job coaching others as it’s amazing to see fellow riders achieve something new and to share the same passion for riding as I do.

A day in the life…..

It can sometimes become quite hard to fit in both my training and coaching due to exhausting training sessions and a lack of rest before coaching and training again, but at the moment I wouldn’t change anything!

Thanks to my Coach Andy Wadsworth, I am training every day, usually twice a day doing everything from gym work to downhill runs. I would say I have a very short attention span, so when it comes to training I like to do as many different things as I can to keep things interesting and to stay motivated.

Although this is just 1 day in my life, it’ll hopefully give you some insight into what I get up to on an average day.

7am – Wake up, shower, breakfast

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day! I usually opt for a good bowl of porridge and a wild berry, ginger and pineapple smoothie to get me fueled up before the first training session.

9am – Gym

If I am not training with Andy in his gym in Bristol, you’ll find me at my local gym Rockets Health Club in the Forest of Dean. I get a daily plan from Andy with training sessions designed for power and strength needed to last a full downhill run. Today is a leg and core circuit day….lucky me!

10.30am – Riding

After snacks and fuelling, I’m back out on the bike for a very chilled ride with mates. I am lucky enough to live in a place where there are always so many people about keen to ride and today is no different. The sun is out and a quick text from Steve and a good friend and I’m down the cycle centre and out on my bike quicker than the blink of an eye.

Riding doesn’t feel like training to me. There is nothing more that I love than being out on my bike, so any opportunity I get and I am out. We get a few short laps in on some of the enduro race tracks, all very chilled and relaxed.


12.30pm – Cup of Tea at Pedal a bike away

No ride is ever complete without a tea stop is it?? Pedal away is my local cycle centre, where I ride and where I coach from. I definitely spend more than half my time here and I love it!


1.30pm – Back home for lunch

I love healthy and nutritious food, and it comes hand in hand when trying to train and race at the top level.


2pm – Emails

Time to sift through my coaching and business emails. I get a fair few requests, however during the race season it’s always hard to fit everyone in. Racing always comes first, but I try and fit in training days as and when I can.

3pm – Road ride

Today is just a 90min ride without any sprints, so a nice cruise out through the lanes is perfect to keep my legs and body feeling refreshed again.


5pm – Chill time

Some well-needed rest after a heavy day on the legs. Rest is something I need a lot more of, however I always struggle to sit down and keep still. I like to keep busy and keep moving, so any chance I get to sit down I try and force myself to rest for as long as I can.


6pm – Dinner time

I love to cook and experiment with different recipes. I used to work in a kitchen for 7 years, so I learnt a lot from the chefs and managers there. I usually cook most nights for Jake and myself, keeping it as fresh and healthy as possible.

8pm – Stretch and foam roller

After years of racing I have learnt the lesson of looking after your body to help prevent injuries. There’s nothing worse than being injured and not being able to ride, so a quick stretch and a foam roller session for 15-20mins a day helps keep me injury free.


10pm – Bed time

Sweet dreams!!!

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