Callum was recently in the unfortunate position of needing to make a claim. Whilst we never like to hear our customers have been through an ordeal, we are super chuffed when we hear the nice things they have to say about their claims experience with us. We’re only human after all.

Here’s what Callum had to say

I was recently out riding when the rear derailleur on the bike snapped clean off and damaged the wheel, mech and the rear chain-stay meaning it wasn’t able to be fixed.

From making the claim to getting the payout was really straightforward and most importantly, fast. The whole process was complete in under 72 hours meaning I’ve been able to get back on the road quickly. Happy customer.

Would you recommend Bikmo Plus to a friend?

I would happily recommend Bikmo Plus and I frequently do. I think it’s a reasonable price and having now used them for a claim I can safely say that they don’t try and dodge payouts.



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