At Bikmo, we pride ourselves on our customer service, particulary in their hour of need and when it results in a claim. Back in February, we were able to source our first overseas replacement bike for our customer Alexis, as she was set to race the 2016 Cape Epic and Tour of Good Hope over in South Africa. We were delighted to find that the process ran as smoothly as it could have, and better than that, Alexis is one happy Bikmo customer. Find out why

Background to the claim during the Cape Epic race:

I race most disciplines of cycling including cyclocross, mountain bike and road.  For holidays, my husband and I usually pack the panniers and load up the touring bikes for a week to go explore a country, our favourite being France.

I made my first claim with BIKMO after flying to South Africa in February to race the 2016 Cape Epic and the Tour of Good Hope. I had flown with both my road and mountain bike, however after unpacking my mountain bike I saw with disbelief that there was a crack on the down tube of the frame.

What happened next?

First thing, I took photos of the crack and then began the process of lodging a claim on the BIKMO website.  I had already uploaded all the important documents and photos after purchasing the bikes so the whole process of lodging a claim was surprisingly easy and straightforward.

By far the most difficult part was lodging the initial claim with the airline. Thankfully after that I didn’t need to be involved with the airline and BIKMO did all the work. After I lodged my application things moved very quickly and I had to do very little liaising between the local bikeshop and BIKMO.

They talked to each other and the outcome was very positive.  I had a new frame and a bike in time for the 2016 Cape Epic. Happy days!

How would you rate your experience with Bikmo?

I would rate BIKMO 10/10 for efficiency and 10/10 for communication which is rare theses days.  Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill insurance company, the staff I dealt with really seemed to care and take an interest in getting me sorted so I could race.

I’m very happy with their support and the service that they provided meant that I had a great run during the Cape Epic challenge.

Would you recommend Bikmo to a friend?

A positive experience speaks a thousand words! I’ve got nothing but good things to say about my experience with BIKMO.

From the first dealings I had with BIKMO which were my endless phone calls and questions about their policies, to the unfortunate event of needing to lodge a claim, I’ve experienced patience, professionalism and understanding from staff who are happy to go the extra mile to help.


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