I’m a self-confessed lover of commuting, knowing I can ride my bike to work, to the shops or to meet friends gives me a sense of enjoyment like no other, but there’s one problem, once I get to my destination, how do I know my bike will be safe and secure while I’m not on two wheels? If you’re asking this question hopefully our top tips on storing your bike in the city can help you out…

Bikmo’s 4 top tips to cycle storage in the city

1. Spokesafe bike storage

If you’re lucky enough to work near Oxford Circus and you commute to work, you should definitely be aware of this hotspot for bike storage. Spokesafe have created a fully secure, purpose-built bike storage facility which comes with 24/7 access, a free locker for helmets and accessories, and a repair station with pump.

It also looks super slick too, located inside Q Park, Cavendish Square (unfortunately not named after the 30 TDF stage winner Mark Cavendish), you can secure your bikes in style and know that your bike is just as, if not even more secure than the cars surrounding the Spokesafe storage. Rumour has it they’re looking at opening another Spokesafe soon, so keep your eyes peeled and if you’re lucky enough their next bike storage will be near you!

If you’re looking into getting a Spokesafe storage spot, check out their pricing right here.


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2. Lock your bike up correctly

It seems like quite an obvious one, but on so many occasions I see bikes ‘locked up’, but they aren’t actually locked up, only the wheel is. Unfortunately, if you have quick-release wheels and you lock your bike through the wheel a pesky thief can literally steal your whole bike (bar the wheel itself) in a matter of seconds and wheelie into the distance with your prized possession.  

We don’t want that, and you especially don’t want that. Make sure to use the image above as a reference on how to lock your bike up properly. Preferably a suitable U-lock (check our locking requirements for more info) through the frame and attached to an immovable object while using a strong cable to go through the quick-release wheels.

3. Cyclehangars

If you live in a city, you’ll know the struggles of getting your bike into your flat/house or worrying about it being locked up outside. Cyclehoop gets it and have created cyclehangars in cities across the world so you don’t have to use up space in your living room or worry about your bike while you’re sat in the comfort of your home.

We’re also the only bike insurer to recognise cyclehangars as a suitable storage option for long periods of time, so if you’re insured with us you have even less to worry about when you lock your bike up one of Cyclehoop’s innovative cyclehangars.

4. Finding cycle parking

In the UK we’re quite lucky because there tends to be a decent amount of cycle parking in our cities, but that’s not saying they’re easy to find. Thankfully, the London Cycling Campaign have created Urban Cycle Parking which includes a map of cycle parking in the UK, anyone can send in information of cycle parking facilities and it all gets collated on the map.

The more cyclists that contribute the better, so make sure you share it with your commuting friends! Soon enough I’m sure we’ll have a full picture of all the cycle parking in the UK, then it’ll be as simple as clicking on your phone and finding the nearest cycle parking to you.

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