We’re proud to work with a host of cycling enthusiasts through our ambassador programme. Martin Cox, the continent cycling warrior is one of those valued members. Earlier this year, Martin was unfortunately involved in an incident which resulted in him needing to make a claim.

Here’s what Martin had to say:

I was riding to work one morning. The roads were pretty dry but with a few damp patches. When I went down one of my usual slopes, the road when down to to the left and my front wheel slipped out at around 30mph. I ended up stacking it into the ground resulting in me breaking my collarbone, and a rib in the impact.

Due to the speed, the bike came out badly, with several of the outward facing components being written off, and cracks in both the frame and the wheels appearing. Not to mention nearly every item of my clothing being shredded by the crash (or the paramedics cutting them off me).

Making a claim with Bikmo Plus

I called Bikmo Plus as soon as I left the hospital, where they gave me the details of the claims line. One phone call and a few emails later and the claim was being processed. I was genuinely surprised at how quick and easy the process was.

A few days later I remembered that Bikmo Plus also covered me for clothing and accessories, so I called again and was transferred to the same personal I had initially dealt with to get these all sorted too. My helmet was quite damaged and my clothes were a mess, so I was really chuffed about this.

All in all, within 7 days of the crash happening, I had the money in my account to start the repair and rebuild of my bike – all with an absolute minimum of fuss or stress.

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