Christmas can be the most magical time of year. Even this year, with all challenges everyone has faced, we hope it can still as magical as ever. You know, snow falling, children laughing, all that festive yada yada. In all seriousness, we love Christmas, however as you get older, the holiday season sure has shifted. Once you pass a certain age, you’re not just getting gifts. You’re expected to give gifts to others. Well, if you’re struggling to find a present for that cyclist you know and love, don’t worry. Help is at hand with the Bikmo Christmas Gift Flowchart. Take it, and thank us later!


Bikmo’s Christmas Gift Flowchart

We wanted to make the art of gift giving a little easier. Cyclists are a notoriously hard bunch to buy for, and as a rule of thumb, if it’s not cycling related don’t bother. That said, not all cycling related gifts were created equally. So, for the uninitiated, we’ve created a simple guide to help you buy for that cyclist you know. Follow the chart below to see what you should get (budget depending on some 😉).

Bikmo's Christmas Gift Flowchart

We hope the above guide is helpful. If you have bought someone the notebooks with bikes printed on, a weird bike sculptures etc etc, you still have time to take them back and replace with something closer to a cyclists heart. Hopefully you’ve kept the receipt, especially if it’s yet another bike pizza cutter…

bike pizza cutter, to be avoided on gift flowchart

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