The famous sporting event which kick-started earlier this month – you know, the ones we’re not allowed to mention for legal reasons? Well, to celebrate an event full of passion, strength, and extreme talent, we’re running two games of our own – Bikmo style!

Bikmo competition

If you like limited edition cycling prints, cycling themed drinking devices and tombola surprises to boot, then get involved in the Bikmo OLYMPIA competition.

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The Bikmo Games

We think this is a perfect opportunity for Team Bikmo to take on the greats, and as of next week, we’ll be hosting our very own Bikmo Games Sports Day.

Think track sprinting, BMX battling, road racing and mountain bike battles from the team. We’ll then be comparing our data to see close we were to beating the greats (that, or how embarrassingly far off we were) – it’s all in the name of cycling fun after all.

Watch this space……..


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