New kids on the block Buzzbike have just launched their new start-up company on Crowdcube. They offer a free bike for Londoners. Yes, that’s right a free bike.


Advertising guru Tom Hares was struck by the size and speed cycling culture has grown over the past couple of years in the capital. This is when he came up with the idea of Buzzbike.

The way Buzzbike works is every bike has brand specific advertising printed on it. A bike is then leased to a rider for zero cost 24/7. This is a brilliant idea as it would not only create unique advertising space all over London, but also encourages people to make the most out of a free bike and get fit!

Buzzbike on Crowdcube from Buzzbike on Vimeo.

Buzzbike has partnered with Cooper, the company who made the iconic Mini Cooper. The brand is now focusing its attention on all things two wheels, and will be providing Buzzbike with single speed bikes that will be used for the scheme. The bikes themselves will also feature some pretty cool kit like puncture proof tyres, and a famous Brooks saddle. Buzzbike isn’t just handing over a bike ready to be scrapped. They want their riders to have a super bike that is built to last with everything London has to throw at it. Riders will also be given quality lights and lock, an annual service, insurance, and brand incentives if they weren’t already convinced!

All the rider is expected to do is connect to the rider app so the bike can be tracked. The rider must cycle to work a minimum of 12 days a month, and finally, the bike must be locked securely. Not much to ask really for a free bike.

We believe this scheme is going to be a bigger success than Boris bikes and could change cycling in London forever. The reason the scheme will be so successful is it allows brands to advertise in unprecedented advertising free areas, but also gives someone a free bike who may not have had access to one before. It won’t be long before Buzzbike is in other major cities too. If you live/work in central London and are interested in the scheme, you can find out more at to sign up for the pilot scheme set to start in autumn.

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