The time is now. It’s time to show that #BikeisBest!

COVID-19 has opened our eyes to the importance of local community and physical activity and questioned the status quo of our daily lives. We have a once in a generation opportunity to rethink our future for the safety of key workers and the long-term good of public health and our planet.

That is why we are calling out to our community of cyclist, experienced riders around the UK to get up and help someone enjoy the sport we love. You don’t need to become a founder of a new club and get 1000 people on the bike. One is enough because even one more cyclist on the road does make a change – it means one less person in the car, able to socially distance away from public transport.

Maybe you are not sure where to start, because there is so much you would like to share with a fresh new rider. We have collected experiences from other riders, our ambassadors and the Bikmo Team and put together a list of 5 tips you can share with someone who would like to pick up cycling:

  1. Different valve types and how to pump up a tyre to the right pressure to keep them rolling smoothly. You can even give them that old pump you might have standing around.
  2. What kind of high-vis apparel & lights will be most suitable for their riding style. You can also refer to our guide on visibility on the road.
  3. Message them with your favourite video on how to learn how to fix a puncture. Ours is definitely this one from GCN.
  4. Recommend apps for safe navigation and bike route planning. We found Komoot and Journey Planner  or beeline super helpful and simple to use.
  5. Show them how to wear a helmet – in the right and safe way.


This is why we are joining the #BikeIsBest campaign because bike is best for your health, your community, the environment and so much more. Find out more at Could you think of a better time to get on your bike or help your friend discover cycling?


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