Rapi-flo OL - Taking indoor cycling to the next level

With this year’s newly crowned eRacing National Champions still basking in their glory, will next year see a custom order for a striped Bikmo – Rapi-flo OL indoor-specific aero skin suit?

With market-leading advancements not seen since they first launched their cycle insurance, Bikmo predict that eRacing will be the fastest growing cycling discipline in 2019 and, using the latest developments in air sensor technology, their skin suit will be the go-to kit for all.

Providing real-time aero gains to boost your online performance, the larger your fan size… the faster you will go!

Discover the tech behind the tech

Bikmo have teamed with industry-leading sensor specialists Rapi-flo to develop a micro wind sensor that’s woven into the skin suit fabric, resulting in the most aerodynamic indoor-specific cycling kit available. The new Rapi-flo OL sensors give live feedback to Zwift and translate into a race-winning aero advantage over your online rivals.

For full details on tech and availability, watch our launch video:

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