I don’t remember learning to ride a bike, but I do remember getting a mountain bike aged 13, and riding from my house to my friend’s house up a hill and through some woods. I loved the way that all I could see was trees and beams of light shining through the leaves.

Creating your own adventure

It made me feel so far away from civilisation like I was on an adventure. Despite this, it took 10 years to realise people actually did this for fun, let alone sport, and the bike was never replaced when I grew out of it.

I later bought a cheap mountain bike to commute to work after leaving University and moving to Bath. I had no money and no fitness, and the commutes were far from fun. I made friends with people who cycled, and before I knew it, I was using my transport for adventures again.

Myself and a bunch of girls would ride up over the hills of Bath and look out over Bristol. Everything was green and you could see as far as Wales on sunny days. We would chat and swoop through singletrack, and we later started competing at mass events like Bristol Bikefest.

6 years later

I’m travelling the world to seek out new woodlands and new adventures. I’ve cycled  1,000km coast to coast across the Pyrenees, I’ve competed stage races in Poland, Switzerland, Spain, France and Ireland, and I’ve even competed in an XCO World Cup. It’s now my hobby and part of my career. It took me until my mid-20s to really ride, but now it’s my biggest love.

by: Anna Cipullo (Journalist + Elite Mountain Biker @ Bike Soup


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