As you know, every month we touch base with a leading athlete or expert in the cycling industry to chat bikes, bikes, and probably more bikes. This month we caught up with our favourite shredder and Bikmo Plus ambassador Katy Curd. Having just returned from an epic trip to New Zealand where she ramped up the training mileage, won a fair few DH races, and hit some pretty fun looking trails. Check out the interview…

Katy Curd(Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms)

Who has been your biggest influence in your riding career so far?

When I first started riding I didn’t really know who was who in the mountain bike world, I just rode because it was fun! After racing for so many years now I would say my biggest influence would be Tracy Moseley. She’s an incredible role model and athlete. Tracy is for sure one of the nicest people I’ve met, and is one hell of a rider

Your earliest memory on a bike? 

I remember doing a local kids race, racing around my local outdoor tennis courts on my little pink bike with stabilisers, pink tassels and a basket up front. I must have been about 3 or 4

 How has your winter training and prep for the season been?

Winter training this year has been a little different, but one of the best. When the season ended, I jumped straight back into training again to keep the fitness up. It was a hard and tough 3 months heading into Christmas, but it was worth it as I’ve just got back from New Zealand where I’ve been training and racing downhill in their lovely summer

during the 7th and final round of What inspired your transition from 4X to downhill?

I always wanted to go back to downhill after I stopped racing it in 2011. After reaching all my goals in 4X, it seemed the right time to head back to the downhill. There is more competition in the downhill as well so motivation to train is pretty high knowing that if your not pushing hard, you wont get even close to the top step

Have you ever  thought about trying out other cycling disciplines competitively?

I have tried a couple of enduro races and enjoyed them, but see them as just fun events rather than anything too serious at the moment. I would love to compete in a couple of low key BMX races, I’m just scared I will injure myself having never really set foot on a BMX

 Any pre-race rituals?

No, pretty boring, just visualise the track and get warmed upKaty Curd 2What has been the toughest course you’ve ever ridden?

Champery after a storm. It was such a crazy race, I think I passed like 4 girls in one run as they were sliding down on their bums holding their bikes. The track is so steep, and with the rain it just made it so hard to slow down

Where is your favourite place to ride?

At home it has to be the local trails round the Forest of Dean. I don’t think you can beat a local trail ride with your mates in the UK summer. Abroad I would say Finale Ligure, Italy. There is such a variety of trails over there, all within such a small area. All of the trails are so challenging as well

What’s your training regime like?

I’m training everyday, usually twice a day. Andy Wadsworth provides me with my training programme, and keeps it fresh and interesting each week. It’s hard work, but it’ll be worth it when race season comes around

Katy Curd 3

If you weren’t a pro-mountain biker, what would you be?

I love photography and try and spend a bit of time taking photos everywhere we travel. So I think I’d either be a photographer, or something to do with working in media obviously within the biking world

What would your advice to young riders be looking for a future in MTB?

Just get stuck in with it. There are some great local and low key races all over the country, with most events really pushing and encouraging women riders. A lot of the smaller races have so many first time racers there, so you wont be alone. Everyone at the races is so friendly too, you’ll always be able to ask for help and advice

What does 2015 have in store for you?

Hopefully another fun successful year of racing! I will be competing in the full world cup downhill series with the hope of World Champs at the end of the year. I will also race the British Downhill Series and maybe a few IXS cups through out the year

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