Endurance cyclist

Laura Scott is an uber endurance cyclist who loves nothing more than setting and smashing long distance cycling challenges which has seen her travel the world on two wheels.

A cyclist, Editor and a strong advocate for women in cycling, she’s also an avid member of the Bikmo ambassador team, and we love that.

First name: Laura      Surname: Scott     Location: London      Background: Cyclist & Digital Marketer

What bikes do you own?

Kinesis GF_TI – I love this bike. I rode it in the Trans Am and it’s amazing for long distances

Bianchi Pista – This is what I mostly use to ride around London. It’s quick and super easy to maintain

Kamaleon Bikes Lo Pro fixie – This bike is from a small company based in Santiago, Chile. I don’t tend to ride fixed gear very often, but the tight pursuit geometry of this bike is ultra twitchy and responsive, making it a lot of fun

Aspirational bike?

I had my first introduction to riding off road last week when I took part in the UK’s first 100k gravel enduro, and I think it’s fair to say I am not hooked despite falling off loads. So whilst it might not be your typical aspirational bike, I really want the Kinesis CX RACE bike and to start riding CX more

Favourite ride or trail?

I ride London to Brighton all the time. It was one of the first long rides I ever did and I have often used it as a benchmark ride to see how my training is paying off etc. Plus there are some great vegan places to pig out at once you get there.

Another favourite is this 80k loop based on two routes in the amazing Lost Lanes book by Jack Thurston

Favourite rider?

Annie Londonderry – she was the first woman to cycle across the globe back in the 1800s. Upon completing her amazing ride, she resumed her groundbreaking life as both a journalist and a ‘new woman’ – advocating for the rights and abilities of women everywhere

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Rapha Cycle Club (Soho/Spitalfields) – I love popping in after a long ride or laps around Regents Park. They are always super friendly, plus they run some great talks and events in the evenings. I have met loads of people to go ride with through the club.

Coffee of choice?

A classic filter

What motivates you about riding?

For me, cycling is about freedom. The ability to explore new places and push your limits whilst doing it

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

I listen to NTS Radio whilst on the turbo a lot – they are an awesome online radio station and media platform based in Dalston, London. Check them out here

When not riding, where can we find you?

I’m based in central London, but often on the road exploring and writing

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

The thing that impressed me most about Bikmo was the race cover. They will cover you for accidental damage sustained during an event which is pretty rare. They will also help with emergency hire incase your bike gets stolen before an event…..basically, if you’re out racing and something goes wrong, Bikmo will make sure you still get to race.

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