Cycling Plymath

You know that phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Well this certainly isn’t the case for Bikmo ambassador Juliet Elliott.

Whether it’s road, MTB, BMX or riding her fixie, Juliet Elliott quite literally kicks butt on a bike.


Question time

First name: Juliet      Surname: Elliott     Location: Devon      Background: Ex snow-boarding model turned journalist + cyclist

What bikes do you own?

A Goomah G733, Charge Ti-Plug, Charge Plug 5, Trek Damone WSD, Juliana Furtado, Metal Bikes, BMX and a BLB track-bike

Aspirational bike?

I would like a jump bike and a downhill bike and maybe a motocross bike too

Favourite ride or trail?

Along Devon’s coast line and Bike Park Wales

Favourite rider?

Dave Noakes (my hubby)

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

A slice of homemade cake and a coffee and home for me

Coffee of choice?

I’m not really into this over the top coffee nonsense. I’d much rather a cup of Yorkshire tea than a fancy shmancy coffee

What motivates you about riding?

It’s just fun and I love being outside exploring

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

No music when I’m riding and I try to avoid the turbo. Winter riding = getting wet for me

When not riding, where can we find you?

At home eating cake, planning my next adventure

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

It gives me peace of mind and it’s one less thing to worry about when out on the road

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