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Julia is a professional Mountain Bike guide who has worked throughout the UK and Europe since 2012 for some of the most well-renowned companies in the industry. In 2017 she took the leap into starting her own guiding business, Endless Trails MTB, and now runs adventurous mountain bike holidays in the north of England and the French Alps.
She is also a proud ambassador for Juliana Bicycles and Hope Technology, amongst others, and has especially enjoyed the role that her involvement with these companies has allowed her to play in promoting and encouraging more women into Mountain Biking.
When she’s not guiding or organising trips, she can be found travelling with her bike on an adventure, rock-climbing, ski-touring, or wild swimming… basically somewhere outdoors, having fun in the mountains!



Question time

First name: Julia      Surname: Hobson     Location: Yorkshire      Background: Former Physiotherapist turned pro MTB guide
What bikes do you own?
Juliana Roubion – Big full-suspension all-mountain rig for Alpine guiding, adventures and enduro racing.
Juliana Joplin – Short travel full-suss 29er for Bikepacking, local trail riding, and UK adventures.
Santa Cruz Stigmata – Gravel/Cx bike for when I’m tired of hefting big bikes around and just want to go fast on the tracks and lanes near where I live!
Aspirational bike?
I am lucky enough to own my dream bikes already!
Favourite ride or trail?The trails and routes of the Trans Provence race in Southern France which I’m fortunate to have been able to guide on throughout the last 6 years.Favourite rider?Tracey Moseley – one of the friendliest, nicest riders around. An absolute legend in what she has achieved, the most stylish and skilled rider I’ve seen on a bike, and she is still riding, racing, coaching, and inspiring others to ride too.

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

Cafe Adventure, Hope Derbyshire – Billy and Rachel not only make amazing food and cakes, they have created a hub for local riders too, with weekly social rides and events. A great place to hang out before or after a ride in the Peak District.

Coffee of choice?

Yorkshire Tea, please! Strong, with lots of milk!

What motivates you about riding?

Being outside in the wild, beautiful places meeting like-minded people and sharing awesome experiences exploring new places and trails, the adrenalin rush from flying down a hill on a bike over roots, rocks and mud, as well as multi-day adventures in the mountains. All of these things leave you with memories that you will last you a lifetime.

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?

I don’t like listening to music when I am doing any kind of riding. I’ve got my own internal soundtrack of suitably cheesy tunes, that those riding with me do occasionally get treated to. The only time you’ll find me on a turbo trainer is when I’m injured and there is no other option!!

When not riding, where can we find you?

Climbing, ski touring, wild-swimming. I generally like to be outdoors in the mountains somewhere, having some kind of adventure.

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

The piece of mind that my precious and expensive bikes and kit are fully insured wherever I am, through a company that understands how much cyclist’s bikes mean to them.



Follow Julia…

If you would like to know what’s Julia up to, give her a follow on Insta @julialikesbikes. You can also join Julia on some of her adventures on the most stunning trails in the Hautes-Alpes, Peak District and the Lake District through her guiding travel agency Endless Trails MTB.

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