Criterium + road + track racer

Bikmo rider Dave Noakes, joins the ambassador team with a colourful background in cycling. Having worked for years as a bike messenger in London, he used this as a catalyst which provoked his passion for cycling, which would see him go on to become involved in all riding disciplines.

Whether it’s criterium racing, competing on the road or track, or using his skills behind the lens to shoot cycling events and races, Dave is one force to be reckoned with, on or off the bike.


Question time

First name: Dave      Surname: Noakes     Location: Devon      Background: Bicycle messenger turned crit, road + track racer

What bikes do you own?

A few………one for every kind of riding

Aspirational bike?

Santa Cruz, Bronson

Favourite ride or trail?

Hincapie Loop Girona

Favourite rider?

Wiggo or Merckx

Favourite cafe/coffee shop?

La Fabrica Girona

Coffee of choice?

Anything black

What motivates you about riding?

It’s relaxing, hard, fun and horrible

Riding tunes (turbo…obviously)?


When not riding, where can we find you?

Lying down or in the kitchen

Favourite thing about Bikmo?

It provides me with piece of mind

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