Ultimately, you’re the power engine to your cycling ability. However, it does help that there are some superb brands out there using technology intelligently to develop an excellent range of products to help us in our cycling lives. Whether it’s power monitoring or intelligent sensors which increase our safety + security, we’ve paid homage to the top 8 smart tech products available at the moment:

1. See.Sense ICON+

We’ve been firm supporters of See.Sense since we got our hands on the 2.0 Rear LED’s last year. Our verdict then was that the lights were brilliant in terms of functionality and smart design (reacting to surrounding movement + lights). Aesthetically, however, we thought there was a little room for improvement.

Improvements have certainly been met (if not excelled) with the ICON: think brighter, smarter + certainly a nicer case design.

The new ICON and ICON+ is more than just a light. Check these functions out:

  • Daylight visibility – noticeably bright in broad daylight, when 80% of accidents happen
  • Intelligent sensing – according to See.Sense, these lights are the only lights in the world that can react to road junctions, filtering traffic, roundabouts and car headlights
  • Smartphone integration – control your lights using a smartphone
  • Crash alerts – alerts a nominated contact by SMS if you have a crash, with the option to cancel the message if you are OK
  • Theft alerts – if someone moves or tampers with your bike a message is sent to your smartphone. Ideal for the coffee shop stop

2. Lumo Bermondsey backpack

It seems the obvious choice to combine lights on a backpack, after all, most commuters will travel with their everyday items lugged on their back. Lumo has matched this need with style by integrating LED lighting into a minimalist stylish urban backpack.

Think water-resistant, waxed canvassing with Italian leather straps whilst the LED lighting provides a decent level of visibility to complement your additional choice of lights on the bike.

3. Torch T2 Helmets

Adding lights to your helmet is a popular idea, and you can understand why being that it’s a highly viewable point for cars and fellow road users. Few brands, however, have mastered doing it right. Torch aren’t one of these brands, especially with their newest edition, the Torch T2.

The Torch T2 has an uber sleek design,  improved visibility thanks to its 10x LED integration. Add to that it includes two rechargeable batteries which offer up to 36 hours of use, shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses and eight air-vents, the Torch T2 is a comfortable, stylish and good choice of safety rider kit.

4. Skylock

Not yet available to buy, yet this lock has already built up a strong buzz this side of the water, and for good reason. The Skylock is a strong U-lock with built in messaging which is sent to your smartphone if someone is trying to tamper with your beloved steed.

The lock has the ability to detect crashes + tampering, and you can also share access to the lock with friends. Check it out for yourself:

5. Yerka – The “unstealable” bike

We first saw the Yerka name flying around back in 2014, when the idea of an unstealable bike was in it’s crowd-funding phase. Fast forward to August 2015, and the Chilean trio behind Yerka secured the financial backing they needed to make their dream a reality.

The Yerka claims to be the first bike which is unstealable thanks to ridding of external locking. Instead, the Yerka bends around bike racks or lamp-posts and secures itself thanks to the bottom tube splitting in half, allowing the bike to be looped around a secure metal pole via the seat tube.

6. Bike Vault

The first flagship product to come from Urban Minded, a team of Engineers + Designers, is Bike Vault; a new bike rack system that incorporates smart technology to protect your wheels when left in public spaces.

Simply download the free BikeVault app, and when locking your bike using the Bike Vault, an inch-thick steel bar secures your bike. Should any 3rd party attempt to move or tamper with your bike, an alert message is then sent to your phone.

The steel bar recognises the vibration of a cutting tools which triggers the alarm, sending a full HD video recording of the attack alongside the theft alert.

7. Connected Cycle

The concept behind French start-up Connected Cycle is simple; it’s a bike pedal which uses GPS + GPRS to act as a bicycle tracker should pesky thieves manage to steal your ride. The pedals are fully pedal-powered, and the pedal data also doubles up as a basic fitness tracker for your bike with the dedicated Connected Cycle app.

The location capability not only prohibits thefts but also allows you to locate where exactly you parked your bike. Perfect if you’re guilty of mind-blanking when it’s time to ride home.

Connected Cycle Pedals – Indiegogo Campaign Film from Christian Kravanja on Vimeo.

8. Double-O-Light

More for the city riders, the Double-O-Lights make danger proofing your urban commuter experience simple. They come with two lights (one for the front of the bike + one for the back) which are easily attached to the bike with an elastic strap.

The Double-O-Lights have the ability to see farther ahead thanks to the spaced lighting of the front lights, and the brake light at the back notifies traffic of your slowing down. As well as that, the design of these lights means that you can secure them with a D lock so you don’t need to carry them around with you when off the bike.

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