The seasons are changing, and so with it brings an undecided, random selection of weather conditions; misty mornings, a light frosting morning and night, gale force winds enough to knock you side ways, or worst of all the torrential downpours. Autumn might be a beautiful season, but for cyclists it can be a bit of a nightmare choosing what kit to wear. Don’t worry, we bring you 8 autumn kit essentials for men. Ladies, check out your essentials list here. 

1. Chapeau Rain Jacket Burgundy – £149.99

Granted, this isn’t a new product on the block. However, there’s a reason this jacket has been Bikmo’s long-standing rain jacket of choice for the last couple of years, thanks to it’s breathability, rain resistance and good value for money.

2. Rapha Long Sleeve Jersey - £120

A long sleeve jersey like this one from Rapha, with a slightly thicker fabric makes it the perfect accompaniment for cool autumn rides worn with a base layer underneath. The benefit of this long sleeve jersey is that it’ll take you into the cooler Winter rides when worn for extra insulation under a rain/wind resistant jacket.

3. Howies Padded Bib Tights - £75

These beautifully understated padded bib tights from Howies are well built, and perfect for layering in Autumnal weather conditions. As always with Howies, the design is simple in terms of cut and style, however the functionality and fit of these bib tights make them a perfect addition to the autumn wardrobe.

4. Cafe du Cycliste Cycling Cap - £17

The unpredictable weather in Autumn can see the days start with gleaming sunshine, and end with afternoon showers. Cycling caps from Cafe du Cycliste will protect your head from the sun and rain, whilst keeping you looking cool for that all important coffee and cake stop mid way through the day.

5. dhb Regulate Warm Arm Warmers - £18

With colder days approaching, simple and versatile clothing to keep you worm are a must have, right? These arm warmers by dhb are a key component to autumn rides, as they’ll regulate body temperature, and won’t break the bank either.

6. Gore Leg Warmers - £39.99

Like the dhb arm warmers, leg warmers are a definite necessity in the cooler weather to protect against wind and provide breathability. These are the perfect choice for when you’re wanting to ditch the shorts, but you’re not quite ready to go out in full length heavy duty tights.

As these are a transitional item, you don’t need to break the bank, so go for a pair like these Universal Thermo Leg Warmers from Gore.

7. Castelli Toe Thingy - £15

Not an essential for everyone, however protective toe covers are a great option for when it’s not quite cold enough for full overshoes, however there’s a chill in the air which might get to the toots.

We like these Castelli ones partly for the fact they’re actually called ‘Toe Thingy” which in itself is pretty awesome, but also these are versatile, and super stretchy to fit a wide variety of shoes, which can also be worn under shoes for extra warmth.

8. Helly Hansen Long Sleeve Base Layer - £35.99

The dedicated first layer means it’s important that you get the fit right, and then you’re all set for a lovely ride with the ol’ merino wool feeling lovely next to your skin, without actually feeling like a second layer of skin like some base layers do.

We like this long sleeved Helly Hansen base layer, which is a cert to keep you dry and comfortable during past paced rides.

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