Whilst it’s no secret that the growth in cycling is showing little sign of slowing down, with more and more people taking to the roads either to commute to work, to compete competitively or just to experience the endless benefits from cycling in their time of leisure. For some, however, there are still a few mental barriers which prevent them from taking to the saddle to ride into work. This is where we come in to help ban the commuter blues.

Commuting in the UK

There are two main benefits which come from cycling to work. The first being perhaps the most obvious, it will save you an astonishing amount of money in the long-term. Those who spend an average of £40 per week on petrol or public transport have the ability to save at least £2,080 per year.

Secondly, cycling is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise which enables you to lose weight, burn fat and become a fitter, healthier person.

So what are some of the excuses you tell yourself?

1. I’m not confident enough to ride in traffic

Granted, if you’ve never cycled to work before it can seem a bit daunting to travel by bike in peak times on busy roads. Much like driving, confidence on the road builds over time and it helps if you don’t take any risks from day one.

If you ride safely, responsibly and with respect for fellow road users, your confidence will soon rise and you’ll also be helping to reduce the chances of an accident whilst riding.


2. It’s not safe to risk cycling in the dark

Guys, what do you think bike lights are made for? Add to that the level of hi-viz clothing and reflectors available, as well as the option of choosing well-lit roads to get you to your destination, there are plenty of options which will ensure your visibility on the road.

It’s worth bearing in mind that routes such as bike paths and canal paths that are well lit in daylight hours may be unlit at night, so try and avoid these if possible. Also, it’s worth investing in a bright light with high lumen output such as the Exposure Lights Sirius Mk3 which is ideal for urban commuting and country lane riding.


3. I don’t have the time

Not enough to time to exercise. Not enough time to buy the healthy ingredients to cook a nutritious tea. Not enough time to do menial jobs like housework. Sound familiar? We’ve all said it, but actually, this excuse is more often a little false.

Cycling to work can get you there quicker than the time it takes to drive, not to mention it’s less stressful than having to sit in stand-still traffic surrounded by impatient drivers.


4. There’s nowhere at work to get changed

Now this is an excuse we can appreciate as annoyingly there will be quite a large proportion of you guys who work in places that don’t have the luxury of showers. If this applies to you, there are still ways for you to commute by bike and feel fresh all day.

The next best thing to a shower is a baby-wipe express wash. These will not only clean you off but will also give you a nice scent for the day. Alternatively, you could also pack a micro-fibre towel which takes up no space at all in your bag and will allow you to have more of a sink shower.

Also, PLEASE don’t forget deodorant. That is for your sake and for the chap who sits beside you at work.

5. Cycling kit is too expensive

Not all cycling kit costs the earth to buy. Granted, if you wouldn’t be seen on a bike in anything other than Rapha or Cafe du Cycliste for example, then that can add up to quite a steep amount in your basket. Good quality cycling kit can be bought on a budget if you do your research and check out the brilliant sales available at your local retailer.


6. I’m not fit enough

Whether this is an excuse or you genuinely think you’re not fit enough to ride to work, news-flash, cycling to work will work wonders on increasing your fitness levels week in, week out. Also, as your fitness grows, you might find that your waistband shrinks. If you’re wanting to lose a couple of pounds then cycling to work then this the perfect choice as in a way it’s not taking time out of an otherwise busy day to cram in a gym or cardio session after work.

If you’re wanting to lose a couple of pounds then cycling to work then this the perfect choice as it’s not taking time out of an otherwise busy day to cram in a gym or cardio session after work.

….7. I don’t have cycle cover

Ok, do you see what we’ve done there? Make Bikmo a part of your commuter check-list. If you’re looking for cycle cover and would like the peace of mind that should the unfortunate happen, your bikes + kit are covered with a comprehensive, simple + BRILLIANT policy, we’re here to help. Check out what’s included,and get a quote below.

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