Let our ambassador Katy Curd enlighten you on five top tips to help you become a better mountain bike rider. After all, you don’t just wake up an awesome rider, it takes practice, perseverance and determination. Here are her top tips:

1. Eyes up

It’s too easy when riding a new trail, to keep looking down at the lines you’re riding. Try to work on looking up for your next section of trail, as it will improve your balance, speed and flow whilst riding.

2. Stay relaxed

Easier said than done I know, but try to focus on your breathing when riding a section you are unsure of. This will help to keep you relaxed rather than tensing up.

3. Elbows bent

Using your arms as your suspension will help for a smoother ride. Bend forwards at your hips to allow your arms to bend, which will also help lower your centre of gravity.

4. Light hands

Aim to keep your weight running through the centre and rear of your bike to allow your front wheel to skip over all the holes and bumps along the trail.

5. Keep rolling

When entering technical selections along a trail, it’s key to keep the bike rolling whilst keeping your basic riding position. Speed will be your friend to help maintain balance, and try to avoid slamming on the brakes to help keep the momentum going.

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