It’s a gut-wrenching feeling to discover that your bikes have been stolen, which I’m sure most people have at some time or another experienced. We’ve taken a look at the best ways to secure your back to avoid pesky bike thieves getting one up on you.

“If you love your bike and don’t want to lose it to bike theft, then you need to know how to lock it securely” – John Abrahams, Hiplok Co-founder.

Hit the road thieves

The ultimate goal is to make it as awkward as possible for thieves to take your bike/parts. With bike thieves becoming more and more opportunistic as the sport continues to surge, it’s worth reminding ourselves that it only takes a few seconds for a well-trained bike thief to ride away with your beloved steed.

Hiplok Co-Founder made this quick video on the do’s and don’ts of securing your bike:


  1. Find a well-lit, busy location ideally with CCTV coverage
  2. Check out the condition of other bikes in the area. If there are frames with parts missing, or individual wheels locked to racks then you can be assured its a hot spot for thieves operating in that area
  3. Always have the main lock, locking up the frame. You can always use other forms of locking to secure the wheels
  4. In high-risk areas, remove or lock up anything which can be easily removed
  5. Try to leave as little space as possible in-between lock and bike, so as thieves are unable to position tools to break the bike free



  1. Don’t secure your bike to wire fencing or weak railings which can be easily cut
  2. Don’t secure your bike to anything which can be easily lifted off, for example, a post or barrier
  3. Leave your bike unlocked
  4. Leave the house without checking you have your bike lock with you
  5. Use your main lock to secure wheels. This is the easiest part of the bike to release from whatever it is the bike is being secured to

Sold Secure

If you’re looking to check how robust your lock is, debating a new one altogether, or if you’d like some more information on lock security, Sold Secure are your go to people. As the industry standard for lock and security system testing, these guys put the widest range of products through stringent testing to ensure the most accurate rating on security. For more information head on over to our Sold Secure page.

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