Love it or loathe, Valentine’s Day is an institution honoured with flowers, heart-shaped helium balloons, romantic dinner dates and question-marked cards. But what about something different this year, themed around another love that makes your heart rate soar? For those who first clicked over a mutual passion for cycling, these Valentine’s Day activities might be a little more up your street than a chocolate shaped heart.

A city-break to European cycling capitals

For a romantic, European getaway, an obvious choice would be getting away to a popular cycling friendly city for the weekend. Renting bikes in Amsterdam or Copenhagen is very accessible and these cities are designed to be explored in the saddle. Meander down the canals and back streets and stop-off at cafes, museums and galleries as you go.


Collaborate in tandem on a bicycle made for two

Riding a tandem bike on Valentine ’s Day may sound terribly cliché but it takes a strong partnership to manoeuvre on the same set of wheels. Working as a team and sharing the load will be a true test of your compatibility! Why not go the whole hog and get matching

Why not go the whole hog and wear matching kit. Too much? OK. Renting a tandem for a day costs around £40 and it might be worth heading to a quiet road first to establish your synchronicity!


Bike and brunch at a London cycling café

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a morning ride with a slap-up brunch as the reward, and there are lots of fantastic cycling-friendly café’s in the capital to explore. Plan a route of about 20 miles in and around the city topped off with celebratory coffee + cakes as you go. Hang your bikes on the cycling rack at The Dynamo, buy your sweetheart a Lycra momento at the Rapha Café or devour a bacon sarnie at Look Mum No Hands.


Tackle the challenging hills of Dorset

The Jurassic coastline is absolutely breath-taking both for mountain bikers and road cyclists. Taking on the challenge of some of those Dorset inclines will definitely bring you closer together. Combine your miles with plenty of cosy food stops and dinner by the fire at the end of an invigorating day.

You might consider going on an inclusive luxury road cycling retreat such as On The Rivet that involves guided tours with British Cycling coach, Jim Styrin during the day and then total relaxation with delicious food, wine and in a luxury farmhouse in the evening.


Have a highland fling in Scotland

The Cairngorms National Park covers 4,500 sq km of stunning mountains, green forests, friendly villages and picturesque lochs across four regions, plenty of places to get lost in the spirit of romantic adventure.

Book into a small, welcoming hotel like Culdearn House on the edge of the park and explore the roads and trails by day and head into Speyside in the evening for fine-dining and local whiskey tasting by night!



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