Are you getting tired of riding in the rain? Had enough of inconsiderate drivers on country lanes? It might be that track cycling is the ideal avenue for you to explore. Here are a few reasons why track cycling is awesome, and why we think you should give it a go for yourself.

It’s a completely different environment

Track cycling is different to any other type of riding due to the controlled environment. Similar to athletics, there are lots of different types of races that a rider can compete in over various distances, with or without team members.

Riders pedal at way over 100rpm for far longer than your normal road sprint at the end of the race.

MG_6day London_10

Image: Matt Grayson

Single speeders = no brakes

Track bikes look a bit daunting before you ride one. With a single speed and no breaks, it can seem like a bit of a injury trap, however, they aren’t as hard as you’d imagine once you get into a rhythm. Smooth riding not only picks up a speedy pace, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Having no brakes feels crazy at first, but unless there is a huge pile up which very rarely happens, then you wouldn’t need brakes anyway.

Team rides take on a whole new meaning

If you work well in a team then there are a few team disciplines that could work well for you. The Madison is a favourite working with a partner and pulling each other along for 200 laps. If you prefer to ride solo then there are individual disciplines that will suit.

Track cycling can be a cheaper than other cycling disciplines

The added bonus about track cycling is that it can be relatively cheap compared to other cycling disciplines. As track bikes have no breaks and fixed gears, there are far fewer components which can keep the costs right down. A Specialized Langster 2016, for example, costs £600.

It’s a whole new ‘look’

If track cycling could be your thing then there are plenty of beginner sessions that can be booked at velodromes all over the UK. Just think about how cool you’ll look with a tear drop helmet on.

Track cycle insurance

When you wish you’d had brakes and there’s a pileup, it’s worth knowing that a cycle insurance policy with Bikmo will cover you for the following:

  • Bikes + kit cover against theft, vandalism + accidental damage
  • Competition cover
  • Race fee cover
  • Worldwide travel cover
  • 3rd party liability


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