On a rainy January morning earlier this year, I made an investment purchase and bought a bike bag as I had been invited by cycling tour company, Ride25, to join them on a part of their inaugural trip from Rome to Bari in Italy. It’s a decision I’m so glad I made. If you’ve never been abroad before with your bike, here are 4 reasons why I think it’s a decision you won’t regret.

Cycling Tour - Rome to Naples

Knowing I had something to look forward to certainly did a lot to ease the late winter blues and also gave me a focus to get on the turbo and brave the English winter training. I knew after all, that my bike and I would be rewarded with a little summer holiday for our efforts.

I’d never been on an organised cycling tour before. Especially not one that was all inclusive, with food, accommodation and mechanical support so that my prime concerns were getting to the start line with good enough fitness to last each day.

The full event would see us ride 100 miles every day for four days in the early Italian summer which wasn’t too hot to cause mass sun stroke, but did require lashings of sun cream and regular water at the arranged pit stops.

1. Riding your own bike

If you’re anything like me who’s pretty fixated with my bike, you’ll love being able to stick to what you know which makes all the difference when riding those long distances.

Forking out for a specific bike fit will make the world of difference when cycling for a long duration of time. It’s surprising how many people I’ve spoken to who had originally thought that their bike fit was on point, to then find their ride feel smoother and easier when the professionals had worked their magic.

2. Meeting new and different people every day

Cycling is such a social enabler that as soon as you pull up alongside someone new and cycled a few miles with them, you’ll find that you’ve struck a mutual bond almost instantly.

I rode next to some amazing people, and sharing a cold beer with them at the end of each day was really special.


3. The food stops never stop

Travelling by your bike in Italy can be a total foodie adventure as I discovered on the Ride25 lunch stops. No sign of a quick sarnie en route. Instead, we were treated to multiple courses with a starter, main and pudding.

On one stop we began with an antipasto starter, a pasta course and then a meat course. The first few miles after lunch were slow, to say the least.

3. Even the climbs are great

There is something very forgivable about going uphill in Italy. Beautiful winding roads up through the trees or ascending into ancient Roman villages take away a lot of attention from your exploding heart rate.

The added heat made them challenging, but also very rewarding when we reached the top.

4. Sight-seeing bike bike is more enlightening

Our routes were pre-prepared by Ride25 who had considered everything we might want to see along the way. As we came out of Rome, we went down an old Roman road with enormous flagstone cobbles that was a total nightmare to ride on, but so impressive and something the average tourist would never stray upon. I will always remember how historic and evocative that section of the route was.


Travelling the world by two wheels is superb and really rewarding. I would recommend taking your bike as many places as you can. It’s incredible how many emotions taking your bike abroad can summon, especially as you see the airline handlers in outsize baggage taking your bike bag away almost to the unknown.

Sometimes things just aren’t in our control and so of course, the appropriate insurance is an extra layer of security for when things go wrong.



Check out Ride25 if you are looking for a friendly, well-organised and epic multi-day cycling tours. They aim to create different routes that will ultimately traverse the globe to Australia one day, but until then have some beautiful cycling through Europe.

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