It’s about this time of year when the volume of cyclists on the roads start to double, also due to the lovely weather we’ve been experiencing. It’s an annual phenomenon that coincides with the lighter days and the warmer weather which seems to peak on particularly hot, sunny days. This is due to the spring arrival of the ‘Fair Weather Cyclist’ who are reputed to photosynthesise during warmer climates. Here are 10 ways to tell if you are one of these fair weathered cyclists:


Your bike hasn’t got a splash of mud on it

But it is dusty, very dusty seeing as the last time you saw it was in early September. Luckily it looks brand spanking new as you haven’t put the poor thing through a gruelling few months of rain, sleet, snow and horrible wet roads.

Checking the weather before a ride is a pre-requisite

If it ain’t shining, we ain’t riding. Your rides trend around temperature and weather state and if it’s not to your liking, that bike is staying indoors until the Met office can do a little better.

If there is no cake stop, there’s no ride

In your book, it’s not cycling unless at least one café stop has been factored into the ride. Even if that ride only lasts for twenty miles, a cake stop is an absolute imperative.


Your Strava has flatlined

Your presence on Strava pretty much drops off a cliff between October and April. This is very much a seasonal app and one that you might not even bother using at all.

You don’t own a pair of overshoes

Sorry over-what? Why does that kit even exist?

You have to reintroduce yourself at rides

You may belong to a cycling club but attend rides so infrequently that people will require a reminder as to who you are. Rather than admitting you’ve met them already, you go along with it.


You live for the summer commute

All winter you’ve battled with public transport to get to work but now that the summer is fast on its way you are looking forward to that fair-weather commute into work on your bike.If it rains, you’ll be heading straight for the station.

You have no idea what a base mile is

Whilst the hardcore and committed have been out logging miles all winter so that come the summer they can absolutely smash it, you are blissfully ignorant that such a ritual even exists. You’d much rather save them all up for the blue sky days.

The thought of riding in the rain is just beyond absurd

Whoever said that riding in the rain means you’re a ‘badass’ is totally incorrect. It just means you’ve made a massive error in judgement when you could be indoors having a cup of tea and a biscuit.


The term ‘sufferfest’ has never passed your lips

Why would anything with the word ‘suffer’ in it be something you would actively participate in?

If all of the above sounds like you, don’t be alarmed, lots of us have an inner fair weather cyclist, even pros like Chris Froome do who once admitted in a Team Sky interview:

“I think it’s fair to say I’m a fair weather cyclist (laughs) and the conditions back in Europe right now can be very hit and miss.”

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