In order to write this piece, I tactfully turned to Twitter to ask people who like to ride, what is it about cycling that is just so flipping awesome? From their feedback and mine, here are 10 reason why cycling, in our opinion, trumps every other sport.

Cake is a large part of the training

In no other athlete diet will you find such a large percentage of cake. Put everything you know about nutrition to one side, cake is the king of fuel.


Commando is cool

This is a sport where it’s entirely acceptable to wear no pants, and the only time you’ll know that everyone around you isn’t either. A weird thought, but kind of cool, no?


It's not the destination, it's the journey

Yes, this sounds cheesy but in many sports there is a goal or finish line to strive towards but in cycling, it’s about the experiences you have whilst you are in the saddle that make it so epic.


There's a whole app for it

Strava has become our digital task-master, screaming from the ether to go a little further, faster and higher with the ultimate gain of much kudos from the community!


Le geek c'est chic

Cyclists will talk at length about every mechanical component of their bike. Lengths of stems, type of pedal, the rationale for bar tape – all will be discussed in pain-staking detail.


Your bike is the perfect snapegoat

You’ve probably just had a heavy nights on the craft beer but if you get a puncture or say that you think your brake pads are rubbing, you’ve got a ready-made excuse for your less than athletic performance!


Image: Matt Austin

This is the closest you'll come to flying

Whizzing down the hill at high speed will literally make you feel like you’ve realised a childhood belief that somewhere within you, you have the power to fly.

A dirty face is a badge of honour

The more mud and oil splattered you are after a ride, the greater cyclist you are.


Cycling is the ultimate getaway vehicle

If you’ve got things on your mind and need a few hours ‘off the grid’, getting on a bike and pedalling it out always leaves your problems in the dust.


The unique bond that unites cyclists

Put a group of cyclists that don’t know each other together in a room and conversation will almost immediately start talking about their bikes. That’s because we share a special bond that non-cyclists often find bizarre!



Bikes packed. Route planned. Covered by Bikmo?


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