Mountain biking is definitely one of the more adrenaline rich sides of cycling and brings with it more than a few risks, whether it’s rocks, trees or the drops we so freely throw ourselves off in the pursuit of speed.

Insuring your bikes, kit and yourself could make life easier if you, your bikes or kit sustain any damage on the mountains & trails. It’s a completely personal decision as to whether or not you need it : we’re coming at it from spending a lot of time in the mountains and having experienced a few expensive mistakes.

So why would I need mountain bike insurance?

The main reason anyone gets insured is to provide protection in the event there’s an incident involving any of your equipment, be it damage, theft or loss. When building the Bikmo policy we looked at our own riding at trail centres, natural trails and competitions. We looked at what could potentially happen and added features to protect against those risks.

Accidental damage

One of our riding friends recently pulled the rear dropout off his Yeti SB5 in a crash at a trail centre. The damage was outside the manufacturer warranty, which is often the case with crash damage, and billed at £2000 to repair. Bikmo covers you for the amount you specify for accidental damage whether at a trail centre or carving routes on natural trails.

Bike accessories & spares / clothing & headgear

Ride with a Garmin or wear an expensive helmet, neck brace or shoes? If you take a spill and make a claim on your bike then you have the following cover for your accessories and clothing, at no extra cost:

Bikmo Plus – £250 or 10% of the total sum insured for each bike accessories, clothing & helmets, and bike boxes.

Bikmo Go – £150 for each bike accessories and clothing & helmets.

To find out what is included, check our Product Definitions.


Ever noticed how many bikes are left racked up at trail centres when you’re enjoying a burger & coffee after your first loop? Unfortunately there’s a few light fingered folk around that won’t think twice about stealing your pride and joy and it’s happening more often than we’d like. Bikmo covers you for theft, or vandalism if someone else damages your bike. Check here for more information on theft cover.

Public liability

It gets busy on the trails and collisions do happen. If you hurt someone else or damage their bike then you may be liable for compensation. We’ve added £2m public liability to Bikmo to cover any situations with third parties.


Ever ridden an Enduro, XC marathon or DH race? We’ve been enjoying the competition season and it can be hard on your bikes and kit. Bikmo covers you before during and after the start line, whether you ride DH, enduro, xc, singletrack, marathons or any other type of competition. Check out our MTB Competition Insurance post for more information.

Mountain bike travel insurance

The UK has some great riding, but with the draw of 6000ft Alpine descents within a short flight, more of us are travelling to make the most of them. If you rip your rear mech off in France or your bike gets crunched by a less than competent baggage handler then you’re going to need a bit of help. Bikmo has year round worldwide travel cover including competitions. We’ll cover an emergency bike to the same specification as yours and our partners at Bikmo can even help source a replacement bike if the worst happens on route or just before you travel. Check out our MTB Travel Insurance post for more information.

So do I need MTB insurance?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong wherever you’re riding and we’ve experienced the sharp end of it. If you’d like some protection for the incidents you can’t plan for, then we’d love to cover you. At Bikmo you only need one policy to cover you and your bikes, at home, or on holiday. Get a quote and see how easy it is to protect your passion.