An e-bike, also known as an electric bike or a booster bike, is becoming an increasingly popular sight on the UK cycle scene. Whether it’s to whiz around town, for a long commute, to tackle some unforgiving climbs or just mounted to the back of your motor-home for a trip across Europe, they’re everywhere.

The Facts

The guidelines set out by the UK government for ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPC) are;

  • e-bikes must have pedals in order to propel it.
  • The electronic motor shouldn’t be be able to propel the bike when a ride is travelling more than 15.5 MPH.
  • The motor should not produce more than 250 watts of power.

Please note: e-bikes with de-restrictor kits fitted do not meet these guidelines and cannot be covered by our policy

You can ride an e-bike anywhere you would ride a manual bike, including cycle lanes, and the minimum age you can ride an e-bike in the UK is 14 years old.

So why would I need e-bike insurance?

The main reason anyone gets insured, is to provide protection in the event there’s an incident involving any of your equipment, whether it be damage, theft or loss. When building the Bikmo policies, we looked at our own riding and the kinds of things we wanted, to make sure they were included in a our policy

There are loads of e-bike brands out there, Powabyke, Dahon and Urban Move to name but a few. Also, push and MTB bike brands, such as Mondraker and Giant, have now brought out their own range of e-bikes, so the list is endless really in terms of the sort of e-bike you can buy. What is important however, is making sure that your e-bike is covered by a comprehensive, market leading cycle insurance policy.

Accidental damage

One of our cycling friends recently took an idyllic cycling trip in York using his Gtech city bike, when he unfortunately came off due to a pot-hole in the road. Resulting damage to the bike was outside of the manufacturers warranty, which is often the case with crash damage, and so this chap was billed in excess of £1700 to repair. Bikmo covers you for the amount you specify for accidental damage when out on the road.

Bike accessories & spares / clothing & headgear

So you know your e-bike is covered, but let’s think about the accessories etc you might like to include in the policy. It could be a Garmin, an expensive helmet, a top of the range bike lock, or your reasonably pricey commuter kit. Should you need to make a claim on your bike then, with Bikmo Plus you have £250 or 10% of the sum insured and with Bikmo Go £150, to cover bike accessories and clothing – for full details of what’s included, check out our Product Definitions.


It’s not just your standard push-bikes which we’re seeing more of here, there and everywhere, e-bike are becoming a lot of peoples preferred mode of getting from A – B. Unfortunately, there’s a few light fingered folk around that won’t think twice about stealing your pride and joy, and it’s happening more often than we’d like.

Bikmo covers you for theft, or vandalism if someone else damages your bike.

Public liability

Whether you ride a road, city or mountain e-bike, we know that roads and trails get busy, and accidents can happen. If you hurt someone else or damage their bike, then you may be liable for compensation. We’ve added £2m public liability to Bikmo, to cover any situations with a third party.

E-bike travel insurance

The UK has some amazing riding spots, whether they be on or off road, but sometimes the temptation of the open road in Europe or afar, is too great to resist. If your bike becomes damaged in transit, whether it be on the back of a motor-home, in flight or the like, Bikmo has year round worldwide travel insurance, including emergency bike hire if an incident occurs and you need to get back to where it is you’re staying. Check out our cycle travel insurance page for more information.

So do I need e-bike cycle insurance?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot which can go wrong wherever you’re riding and we’ve experienced the sharp end of it. If you’d like some protection for the incidents you can’t plan for, then we’d love to welcome you onboard with our superb, comprehensive cycle insurance policy. At Bikmo, you only need one policy to cover you and your bikes, at home, or on holiday. Get a quote and see how easy it is to protect your passion.

Simple + brilliant cycle cover

It’s all about getting out there and enjoying your riding more, knowing we’ve got you covered.

Grab your bike and ride.