Bicycle insurance, it’s there to help provide protection in the event your bike is stolen, vandalised or damaged, or if you fall off your bike and hurt yourself or a third party.

At Bikmo, we spent a lot of time making sure our cycle insurance cover contains as many features as possible that a cycle enthusiast, whether riding road, mountains or commuting, would find useful.

Why Do I Need Cycle Insurance?

The best analogy for this is in relation to car insurance. We buy car insurance because it provides protection in the event you’re in an accident and may struggle to pay for repair costs, or compensation to a third party, if you were at fault.

With the price of bicycles increasing and the cost of additions such as a GPS, and clothing, helmets and gear adding up too, a crash or having your bike stolen could be very costly.

Additionally, if a third party was involved in an incident and you were deemed to be at fault then their medical costs and compensation could prove to be very costly.

Buying insurance means you pay a fraction of the bike & gear cost on a yearly basis, but would be paid out up to an agreed value in the event your bike was stolen, if you were in a crash or involved in an incident with a third party.

That’s not to say that specific cycle insurance is right for everyone – house insurance can cover some elements of your cycling life, and some people do self insure. For more information to help you decide as to whether specific cycle insurance, or home insurance is right for you, check out our House Insurance vs Cycle Insurance blog post.

Bikmo Cycle Insurance

Bikmo cycle insurance is aimed at cycle enthusiasts whether you ride road, mountain, track or commute, in the UK and overseas. To help understand more features around our policy, we’ve created some discipline specific pages, and specific pages on our features. Please see below to find out more information;

Who We Are?

First and foremost, we’re cyclists. We’ve blended our passion for riding with a background in technology, user experience and marketing, and teamed up with award winning insurers Hiscox to bring you fresh, easy and innovative cycle insurance products with Bikmo Plus and Bikmo Go . We’re here to stay and hope to insure most of the UK’s cyclists very soon.

For more information about who is Bikmo, why not meet the team.