Road cycling is the strongest growth area in cycling in the UK, and for a good reason. In addition to Tour de France wins, the 2014 Tour de France starting in Britain and Olympic and Commonwealth games success, we’re investing more in cycle infrastructure and it’s overtaking golf as the mid-life crisis sport of choice.

Road bicycle insurance

Insuring your bikes, kit and yourself could make life easier if you, your bikes or kit sustain any damage on the road in the UK and overseas. It’s a completely personal decision as to whether or not you need it: we’re coming at it from spending a lot of time on the tarmac, riding with friends and racing, and have been at the sharp end of a couple of incidents.

Check out our information below to see if you think road cycle insurance is right for you.

So why do I need Road Cycle insurance?

The main reason anyone gets insured is to provide protection in the event there’s an incident involving any of your equipment, be it damage, theft or loss. When building the Bikmo policies we looked at our riding behaviour when we’re out with friends, training, competing and travelling with our bikes. We looked at what could potentially happen and added features to protect against those risks.

Does my house insurance cover me?

House or home insurance can cover your bikes at the home, up to a certain value, with this cover sometimes extending to bikes away from the home. However, it can have its shortfalls and if you have multiple or high value bikes, travel with them or compete regularly, then we’d always recommend that you get cycle specific insurance.

For more information on whether your house insurance is sufficient or not, visit our ‘Is my house insurance sufficient?’ blog post.


Accidental damage

Whether you slip on ice, hit a corner too fast or a mate brakes too quickly, coming off your bike can cause a lot of damage to your frame, wheels or expensive components. Accidental damage cover means you can claim for those occasions and be back on your bike as soon as we can get it repaired or provide a replacement.

Bike accessories & clothing

Ride with a Garmin, lights or wear an expensive helmet and bib shorts? If you have a crash and make a claim on your bike then, with Bikmo, you have additional cover for your bike accessories, specialist clothing and headgear – to see what’s covered, check out our Product Definitions.


Whether you’re locked up at a cafe or left the bike at home when you went on holiday, there’s a few light fingered folk around who won’t think twice about stealing your pride and joy or damage it trying. Bikmo covers you for theft, or vandalism if someone else damages your bike.

Public liability

It can happen in an instant, from a lack of concentration to heading down a descent too fast, but if you cause an incident and hurt someone else or damage their property, they may be liable for compensation. You can include £2m public liability to your Bikmo policy to cover situations where other parties are involved.

Road bicycle insurance includes competitions

Most weekends of the year can now be spent competing in sportives, criteriums or multi-day events. We’ve been enjoying the competition season across the UK but it can be hard on your bikes and kit. A Bikmo RACE policy covers you before, during and after the start line, for your road races and crits, wherever in the world you compete. Check out our Road Cycling Competition Insurance post for more information.

Road cycling travel insurance

The UK has some great hills, but there’s the likes of Alpe d’Huez and the Tourmalet accessible with a short flight, and more of us are travelling to make the most of them. If you hit the deck on the hairpin of an Alpine descent or a less than competent baggage handler crunches your bike, then you’re going to need a bit of help.

Bikmo has year round worldwide travel cover, which can include competition cover. We’ll cover an emergency bike to the same specification as yours, and we can even help source a replacement bike if the worst happens en route or just before you travel.

So, do I need Road bicycle insurance?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can go wrong wherever you’re riding and we’ve experienced the sharp end of it. If you’d like some protection for the incidents you can’t plan for, then we’d love to cover you. At Bikmo, you only need one policy to cover you and your bikes, at home, or on holiday. Get a quote and see how easy it is to protect your passion.