No doubt boosted by our success on the track and road in the Olympics and Grand Tours, competitive road cycling in the UK has been growing for years. The type of events range from the ever growing road race market through to criterium circuit racing and multi-day events. Add in the European and World events, a chance to ride the same roads and climbs as the greatest cyclists in history, and you can pretty much race every weekend of the year, if you have the time, energy and budget.

Insuring yourself, your bikes and your equipment could make life easier if any of them get stolen or damaged when training or competing in the UK and overseas. It’s a completely personal decision as to whether or not you need it: all the team at Bikmo enter events at varying levels throughout the year and we shaped our policies around protecting riders like us.

Our cover

Unlike some other policies, with Bikmo you can also cover you and your bike from the start line, not just before and after the race.

Below are some of the most important covers you might need if you ride competitive road cycling events. The full list of covers can be found on the Bikmo full policy benefits page.

  • Competition cover – including accidental damage sustained during a race.
  • Race fee cover – £500 towards non-refundable race fees for a competition you’ve entered but can no longer compete in.
  • Emergency hire – in case your bike gets stolen before an event. See below for more details.
  • Travel cover – worldwide, 365 days a year. See below for more details.
  • Accessories & spares – cover for your extra equipment including a GPS, that are stolen or damaged at the same time as your bike.
  • Clothing & headgear – for your expensive race kit, shoes or helmet, that are stolen or damaged at the same time as your bike.

I just ride sportives – do I need insurance?

Most race organisers will have third party liability insurance (e.g. if you damage anyone else’s property as a result of riding the event, then it should be covered) however, third party liability only covers one aspect of riding a road race.

You may damage your own bike, or it may get stolen from your car when you’re at the event, neither of which would be covered under the event organiser’s insurance.

It’s always a personal choice, however, we’d recommend taking out cycle specific insurance, such as Bikmo GO or PLUS if you enter any sportives, time trials or triathlons, or our RACE cover if riding road races, circuit races or crits.

Competing abroad?

Ever ridden or eyed up the Etape du Tour, Marmotte or any of the European events on offer? It’s a superb chance to test yourself against the world’s best on climbs and descents epitomised by the greatest riders of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia or perhaps the Spring Classics.

We include worldwide, year round accidental damage and theft as standard, so there’s no need for extra cover if you fancy testing yourself against some of our european counterparts.

Public liability cover is not included when riding in the USA and Canada.

For more information, read our Cycling Travel Insurance post.

Emergency Hire

If your bike gets lost in transit or stolen just before an event or race you’ve been training for, there’s no reason to miss it. We’ll cover an emergency replacement bike to the same specification as yours and our partners at Bikmo can even help source it, if we can’t replace your bike in time for your event.

So do I need road cycling competition insurance?

Unfortunately, whether its your fault or not, things can go wrong wherever you’re riding and we’ve experienced the sharp end of it. If you’d like some protection for the incidents you can’t plan for, then we’d love to cover you. At Bikmo, our cycle insurance policies cover you and your bikes, at home, or on holiday. Get a quote and see how easy it is to protect your passion.