Cookies are an essential part of the use of websites and applications, but some can be opted out of. Here’s information about the use of cookies by Bikmo.

What are Cookies?

  • A cookie is a very small piece of information that a website stores to save and collect basic information.
  • Many cookies are essential to the operation of our website, for example, to allow you to enable you to take out a policy or remain logged into your Basecamp account.
  • Cookies on our site are also used to enable us to analyse site performance, user behaviour, and to make your browsing experience more efficient and faster.

How we use Cookies

Cookies on our website are used for the following purposes

  • To enable you to generate a quote and take out an awesome Bikmo insurance policy.
  • To enable you to create an account to have information such as bikes, or your personal details remembered for later.
  • To enable us to monitor if a policy was taken out through a link with a partner organisation.
  • To analyse the use of our website through software such as Google Analytics so we can improve the experience for all users.

Information Collected

The cookies our website uses do not collect any sensitive information such as your name, address, email address, or any other contact details. The cookies this website uses are;

Cookies required to enable the website to function

These cookies perform important functions on our website. Without them, we cannot provide you with basic features and normal website behaviour which you will expect from us. For this reason, you cannot disable these cookies.

 Name  Description  Purpose
 PHPSESSID  System cookie  In order for our insurance systems to work correctly, we need to remember who you are when you’re logged in, and what your quote values are when you are purchasing a policy. This is a time-limited cookie file which is erased when the time limit on it expires.
 catAccCookies  Application cookie  This cookie is to help us remember that you have seen the cookie message required by law.
 _ga and _gid  Google Analytics  This is used to enable us to better understand how website visitors are using our website so we can improve usability and performance for all users. We anonymise IPs within Google Analytics and don’t include any data that would identify an individual.
 PAPVisitorID  PostAffiliatePro  This cookie allows us to monitor when a partner referred a visitor such as if your cycling club has a unique code on their website. It doesn’t store any personal information.
 Sentisumsession  Feefo This cookie is anonymous and used to track uplift in consumer engagement. More information about Feefo’s privacy policy:

Marketing + targeting cookies

These cookies are used to deliver adverts more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. They are usually placed by advertising networks with our permission. They remember that you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organisations such as advertisers. These cookies are optional and set using the browser pop-up when you start a new session.

 Name Description Purpose
 _gac  Google Adwords Tracking  This cookie is used to help us track conversions when a customer has viewed an advert through the Adwords platform which resulted in a policy sale, and perform targeted marketing to customers who have visited our website. Data is anonymised.
 _uetsid  Bing Universal Tracking  This is used to enable us to track when a sale was made through an advert a customer saw on the Bing search engine.
Facebook Pixel  Facebook Adverts  This cookie is used to help us track conversions when a customer has viewed an advert in Facebook which resulted in a policy sale, and perform targeted marketing to customers who have visited our website. Data is anonymised – we do not store any data relating to your profile using this pixel.

Managing cookies

If you wish to disable any cookie listed above for which we have not provided a specific means of disabling, you can also use your browser settings to disable cookies.

Please note: By disabling cookies in your browser, you may render some of the functionality on our website (and other websites you visit) unusable and we make no guarantees as to the performance of our web site when cookies are disabled.
Please use the links below for more information on how to manage cookies in popular browsers;

You can opt-out of all Google Analytics cookies by installing a browser add-on provided by Google:
Please read more about privacy relating to the Facebook pixel here:

For more information about cookies visit the Wikipedia Cookie Page.