Our comprehensive market leading cycle insurance policies contain all the features cyclists need to protect themselves and their bikes. The following pages contain all the information you need to understand what our policies do so you can make the decision if they’re right for you. We’d always recommend comparing us against other providers, to give you more confidence in how comprehensive and good value our products are, and peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right team behind them.

Bikmo key information & how-to guides:

Policy wording

The policy wording highlights, in detail, everything that you need to know in regards to your Bikmo cycle insurance policy. Grab a coffee and take a read.

Accessory + clothing definitions

To avoid any confusion with the terminology used throughout your policy documentation, check out the accessory + clothing definitions.

Add your bike + kit details

You can upload your bike(s) and kit details at any point to your cloud account. This speeds things along in the event of a claim, meaning less hassle for you.

Updating your card details

Whether your card has expired, you’ve changed banks or you just fancy changing your cards, you can update your card details within your account 24hrs a day.

Adjust your policy

Bought a new bike recently? Or maybe you’ve sold one? You can make adjustments to your policy 24 hrs a day, free of charge and there are no limits to how many times you do this.

Policy renewal due?

Alas, 12 months has come around quicker than the time it takes Cav to sprint to an uphill stage finish. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bikmo policy renewal process.

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