One of the biggest questions when insuring your bike, is whether or not your house insurance can cover you, instead of taking out a cycle specific policy.

Many cyclists assume that their bikes are adequately covered by their home contents insurance and in some circumstances this may be true, but it is really important that you read the policy wording to check the cover it actually provides. You might find that you have very little cover at all!

A few checks you may want to undertake on your home contents insurance are;


Maximum cycle value

If you’re reading this then you’ll more than likely have a minimum of one bike, worth at least £1,000. Many of our customers own 3 bikes with values up to £12,000.

With your home contents insurance, there will almost certainly be a limit on the value of cycles, which could be as low as £500.

If your bikes are worth more than this limit, they may need to be specifically declared on a home insurance policy, and they’ll want an additional premium. In many cases, home insurers will decline to provide cover for high value bikes.

Bikmo covers up to a total value of £40,000, and up to £20,000 for any type of bicycle or bicycles taken away from home.

Cover away from the home?

If you ride your bike then you’ll spend a lot of your time out on the road or travelling with your bike in the UK and overseas.

Some household policies will not provide cover for accidental damage or theft whilst the bike is away from the home, which is probably when you need it most.

Few also cover your bike when it’s outside of the UK – does yours?

Competition cover

Whether you ride sportives or race DH, many of us like to race against the clock or competitors.

Your home contents policy may also exclude damage caused when taking part in competitive or mass participaton events and they’ll almost certainly turn down a claim if your bike is stolen from a race transition area.

Bikmo is tailored for cyclists to choose their level of cover for the type of events they ride, whether an enduro, triathlon, CX, road race or sportive.

What is your excess?

It’s not often we need insurance, but when you do claim, it’s good to know that you won’t have a sting in the tail in relation to your claim’s excess.

With Bikmo, where available, you can opt to have £0 excess on bicycle claims when you replace through our retail partners.

Is your bike covered when you lend it to a friend or family member?

We often lend our bikes to friends when they’re visiting, new to cycling or if a mate is in a fix before a race and needs a bike.

A home insurance policy will be in your name, so if you make a claim for damage or theft when you have lent the bike to a friend, the insurers may not pay out.

Bikmo covers your bikes as long as you’ve given your permission for a friend or family member to use them.

Will you be charged more next year if you claim?

So your bike gets stolen from your house and your insurance is up for renewal in a couple of weeks. Does that mean that you’ll pay extra on just the bike part of your premium, or the whole policy?

Making a claim on your household policy is likely to result in higher premiums.

Making a claim with Bikmo won’t affect your house insurance policy and we also offer a great no-claims discount of up to 15%.


Although home contents insurance may be sufficient cover for your family bikes when cycling close to home, if you own bikes above £400, compete, travel or ride a lot, then you may want to consider cycle specific insurance.

At Bikmo, we ride bikes every day and shaped our policy around people like us who ride bikes a lot, whether on roads, mountains or park, in the UK or overseas.

It costs nothing to get a quote and you may just be surprised at how affordable it is.