Team Bikmo Global

Based in Chester and Innsbruck, our core team work day-in day-out to give the best service to our customers and create great tech and content for you to eat up.

Fuelled with a staple diet of coffee, and all riders (of varying disciplines and skill), we have been seen entering the River Dee from a height after hitting the ramp at Dave’s house on the office BMX.

David George // Bikmo Boss

Road, MTB, BMX and cyclocross are Dave’s riding favourites, so pretty much all of them. When he’s not out on the bike, he can be found building the Bikmo brand or out in the fresh air with Mrs Bikmo and their little cub Albie.

Team profile: Dave George

Jorj Ives // CTO

Jorj is The Code Guru here at Bikmo. Some say Jorj sees the world as a waterfall of glowing green text, other say he can bend trees away from his handlebars with the power of his mind (though we’re yet to see that one in practice).

Team profile: Jorj

Keith Jones // Head of Experience

Thanks to Keith, we’ve certainly earned a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. As a previous National Champ title holder, it’s only a matter of time before he puts us all to shame out on the road bikes.

Team profile: Keith 

Ben Amer // B2B + Clubs

Roadie, CX and general bike geek. When he’s not in the office, you can find him falling off ramps in the local skate park, ramping up the mileage in the Yorkshire dales or in the kitchen cooking up a feast.

Team profile: Ben

Rob Grisdale // Partnerships

A keen cyclist with a wealth of experience in building strategical B2B relationships, Rob heads up all of the partnerships at Bikmo. He’s earned his cycling badge having completed the Fred Whitton challenge within a week of starting at Bikmo.

Team profile: Rob

Gareth Mills // CMO

Gareth is all in when it’s about any outdoor sports like biking, swimming or running. With the same motivation he is also leading our Marketing team to make sure, everybody knows about Bikmo. Find out more about him in his interview.

Interview: Gareth

Sue Drake // Bean Counter

Sue joins the team as our Chief Bean Counter, meaning she’s literally in control of all spending habits at Bikmo. As a roadie + committed cycling commuter, Sue isn’t shy of signing up to a cycling challenge that will push her limits.

Team profile: Sue 

James Marsh // Customer Experience

Customer Experience Agent James is a pure roadie. If you can’t measure something in watts, he not interested! When not providing awesome customer service at Bikmo, you’re sure to find James hunting down a local KOM or weighing the components of his bike. James loves his asphalt!

Team profile: James

Jamie Fletcher // Marketing Executive UK

Marketing Executive Fletch loves everything two-wheels. In between meals, you’ll find Fletch supporting us with everything concerning our marketing in the UK. With such an intensive training plan, and many hours riding each week, Fletch certainly takes his fuelling seriously. Likely to get his hands in the air many times this year, success is bound to result from all his hard work… and did we mention he likes his food!

Team profile: Jamie

Jonny Ollerenshaw // Retail & Partnerships

If super-commuter Jonny isn’t adding a new custom part to his sweet Brompton, you’ll find him talking to one of our vast number of supported bike shops. A key member of the Bikmo retailer and partnership team, Jonny is the voice doppelgänger for Dan Martin… and he even looks like him too!

Team profile: Jonny

Louise Towers // CFO

If it’s about the money better ask Louise. Being our CFO she takes care about everything in relation to money. But whoever thinks Louise’s home is just the world of numbers is wrong – she already opened a toy store and was lecturing classes.

Team profile: Louise

Sian Elmore // Executive Assistant

Originally from Sussex, Sian couldn’t resist the call of the Austrian Alps any longer. As Executive Assistant she is now supporting our office between the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck.

Team profile: Sian

Michael Mühlegger // Content & Social Media Manager

Mike is born and raised in the Austrian Alps and never lost his passion for being outsides. From our office site in Innsbruck, Austria he supports us with everything concerning the areas marketing, photo and video.

Team profile: Mike

Louise Burgoyne // Accountant

If its about accounting and audits Louise is our person to talk with. But she is by far not only at home in the world of numbers. If Louise is not in the office she loves being outside in nature and spending time with her beloved ones.

Team profile: Louise

Garry Sanders // Full Stack Developer

Garry is one of our valuable people that make sure not only our front end looks as fantastic as it does, but also our back end runs clean and structured.

Team profile: Garry

Sian Keen // Partnership Success Manager

With her passion for the great outdoors and a solid background in brand partnerships Sian is in charge of our partners as Partnership Success Manager.

Team profile: Sian

Paul Dinter // Risk + Compliance Officer

Paul is responsible for all topics related to risk & compliance. Outside of the office, however, you can usually find him with his bike under his feet (and sometimes on his shoulders) somewhere in the mountains. And if there is still some time left, he surprises the office every now and then with one of his famous self-made sourdough breads.

Team profile: Paul

Gemma Roberts // Finance – Commercial Accountant

Gemma supports our finance team with her wealth of commercial finance experience and a real passion for numbers.

Team profile: Gemma


Our beloved office dog Seraphine brightens up every day.

Team Bikmo DE/AT

Based in Munich, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria sits the rest of our team that takes care of the German speaking market.

Alex Zingg // Head of Bikmo DE+AT

Alex Drexel // Head of CX DE+AT

Ruth Fiedler // Assistant Sales & Customer Service

Team Bikmo - Ambassadors

Who better to compliment the Bikmo team, and give us a shout out, than a cracking squad of cycling nuts from all areas of cycling.

Each of our ambassadors are experts in their area of cycling, from long distance racing to crits, triathlon and everything in-between. The main qualifying criteria to become an ambassador is basically to love two wheels as much as we do.

Nick Rose

You know you’re in for a treat when you get a call from Nick Rose. He’ll either be calling to say he’s booked another IronMan challenge (this year being his 17th) or he’s got a superb idea for a triathlon themed blog.

Ambassador profile: Nick Rose

Julia Hobson

Splitting her time between leading mountain bike trips over in the Alps and riding for Juliana Bicycles, Julia is also a key member of the Bikmo ambassador programme.

Ambassador profile: Julia Hobson

Claire Williams

If training for cycling, swimming and running, in addition to working as a personal trainer, corrective exercise and holistic lifestyle coach, wasn’t enough to fill her day, Bikmo ambassador Claire always finds time to drop in for a tea and keep the team fuelled with snacks.

Ambassador profile: Claire Williams

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