Bikmo exists to enable you to ride more.

We build awesome insurance products to protect our customers for unexpected events, use technology to make taking out and managing your policy ultra-simple, and provide exceptional customer experiences through our team of bike geeks.

Working with leading brands, athletes and partners, we want to inspire people to live better by riding more and being active in the epic outdoors.

We’re perfecting our craft to win the bike market before widening horizons, becoming the leading financial services brand in the global adventure sports market and using Bikmo to protect and conserve the environments where we live to play.

We know we work in an industry (insurance) which is rife with bad practices that aren’t in the best interests of customers and we don’t want to be any part of that. We’re focused on creating an exceptional experience from policy purchase to claim and even if you leave us, being transparent in the way we do business and personal in the way we communicate with customers, partners and our team.

Our goals

Goal 1 – Protect

Our first and most important role is to protect our customers who trust us with their bikes, kit and their lives. We like to be transparent with our data which is why we produce the Open Project each year.

The environment is also a huge part of our (team, customers and partners) lives as it provides the playground we need to enjoy our sport. We, therefore, want to run our business with as little impact on the planet as possible and have a net positive impact. That doesn’t mean just recycling or shunning single-use plastics, but being proactive by using our business to support and promote cycling as an alternative means of transport.

Though we are a technology-driven business, promote remote working/meeting, use cloud services as standard, and over 60% of our team use zero/low emission travel to get to work, we recognise we can do more. Operating an international business means we sometimes need to fly, and we don’t currently have control over all our energy usage. But this will change, and by 2020, we will operate a carbon neutral business.

  • Objective 1 – Be carbon neutral 2020
  • Objective 2 – Have 80% of team journeys made by bike or low carbon means by 2020

Goal 2 – Enable

Our insurance products are built to enable our customers to ride more, and we can go a lot further.

We are continually increasing the number of claims that are replaced by local, independent retailers. This enables the retailer to do more business and provide a crucial revenue stream but also enables our customers to get the experience from a local retailer, which you aren’t going to get online.

Using our customer, social and partner network as a force for good, we can enable access to bikes for any socio-economic background, meaning improved mobility, less carbon emissions and all the other health and environmental benefits that cycling provides.

This includes working with our current network including World Bicycle Relief, the Bren Project and Re-Cycle.

  • Objective 1 – £10M to go to independent retailers annually by 2023
  • Objective 2 – Provide 500 bikes per year to in-need communities by 2021

Goal 3 – Inspire

We want to inspire anyone to ride more, as well as our team, customers and partners. That means we need to provide the inspiration, education and facilities needed to do that.

Using our network of athletes and ambassadors, we can create experiences and content that inspire us to get out of bed earlier, plan better and train harder knowing that we’ll get more out of our riding and life as a result.

We want to enable our team to feel motivated, rewarded and happy on and off the bike, so they’re inspired to ride more and motivated to achieving our mission at Bikmo. That means providing the best leadership, facilities, training and rewards we can, benchmarked off the most progressive businesses in the world.

The more we inspire our customers, team, partners and the public, the greater the impact we can have as a business.

  • Objective 1 – Hit a 90%+ team satisfaction rating by 2020
  • Objective 2 – Our community – provide an inspiring bike experience for 10,000 people each year by 2021
  • Objective 3 – Create a balanced board with min 30% under-represented populations by 2020