Bikmo exists to enable you to ride more

We build awesome insurance products to protect our customers for unexpected events, use technology to make taking out and managing your policy ultra-simple, and provide exceptional customer experiences through our team of bike geeks.

We’re now 5 years into our mission to enable anyone, anywhere, to protect their lifestyle, so they can spend more time enjoying it. And, become the brand that resonates with and protects the passion and drive behind the bike and adventure sports community.

At the heart of our business is a bunch of bike and adventure sports geeks who choose to spend their free time in the epic wild places our earth has to offer and we want to continue to be able to do just that.

Using business as a force for good

Our planet needs responsible people and businesses to step up and meet the challenges it faces. For us, that means focussing not just on profit but continuing to put people – customers, team and society – and the environment as high on our priority list as profit when making business decisions.

Global behaviour is also changing and consumers are choosing to engage with businesses which represent their personal values as well as meeting their requirements of a product or service. We hope what we stand for, and our actions, will resonate with the bike and adventure sports communities and enable us to become the go-to brand to protect their lifestyle.

Bikmo + BCorp

In September 2019 we certified as a BCorp! For those not in the know, it’s a rigorous process that assesses and independently verifies our activities as a business right from corporate governance through to social impact and team benefits. Check out how we scored here.

We chose to become certified because the core of our business is enabling customers to ride more, providing all the well-known benefits that cycling gives us, including better health and a cleaner environment. We also have a lot of respect for other BCorps in their way of doing business, including well-known brands such as Patagonia, Burton and Innocent.

If you’d like to learn more about what BCorp is and our process, check out the BCorp website or read Jonny’s blog post on our launch.

Bikmo goals

We set goals to help our team focus on the most important matters and we brought the same process in to deciding what our targets should be in relation to BCorp and sustainability;

1. Protect

Our first and most important role is to protect our customers who trust us with their bikes, kit and their lives. We like to be transparent with our data which is why we produce the Open Project each year. But that also extends to our impact on the planet.

Goal 1 : To be carbon neutral by 31st December 2020

2. Enable

Our insurance products are built to enable our customers to ride more, and we can go a lot further. We actively support local cycling communities by working with cycle retailers which enables them to stay in business and provide a crucial service to riders.

Goal 2 : To put £10M per year back into local retailers by 2023

3. Inspire

We want to inspire anyone to ride more, as well as our team, customers and partners. But there’s only so much we can do alone and there are some amazing people and organisations doing great things we want to support.

Goal 3 : Partner with 1% For The Planet to support cycling-related organisations

Social responsibility

We recognise and accept the responsibility that we have towards our customers, our employees and the communities we are part of. Good governance and responsible conduct of business are fundamental to the way we work at Bikmo.

Sustainability Policy: This policy sets out our commitments, aims and ambitions towards our environmental, social, community, and performance goals.

Modern Slavery Policy: We are committed to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking does not occur within any part of our business or supply chains.

Equality and Diversity Policy: Bikmo is committed to eliminating discrimination and to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equality and diversity in which staff are treated equitably and they can realise their full potential.

Ethical Code and Conduct: Bikmo encourages the highest professional and ethical standards in financial services in all its employees and looks to all its employees to meet these standards and to maintain the reputation of the company.

Whistleblowing Policy: Bikmo has implemented processes for employees to safely report on any wrongdoing without fear of discrimination or reprisals.