First and foremost, we’re cyclists. We’re in this industry because we love it and hope this comes across in everything we do.

Bikmo insurance was developed specifically for bike nuts like us. People who own nice bikes and ride them a lot.

People who spend a lot of time on the roads or trails and read or talk about cycling online, in blogs or in magazines.

People who live for being on two wheels and get in the saddle for pleasure, health or competition: alone, with mates or in their local club.

People who still get the same thrill out of the speed and freedom that bikes give you, as they did when they first set off on a bike as a child…like us.

Any time we approach a new digital product in the cycling sector, we take a fresh approach on looking firstly, at what a cyclist needs, asking what cyclists want and bringing in thinking and tools from outside of the cycling sector.

We took this approach with Bikmo, not looking at what policies were already out there, but shaping the policy around what we need. Simple options to suit you, and superb cover whether you’re riding trails or roads, in the UK or overseas, for competition or pleasure.

Our 5 Key Values

Simple // keep a product simple with great user experience and we’re more likely to use it more often.

Value // how can we improve both financial value and personal value? Are cyclists being charged more than needed for an existing service and are those products adding value to the lifestyle of a cyclist?

Represent // are cyclists being represented well or are existing products or services produced by people who don’t ride or are just trying to make a profit?

Recognition // are our customers happy with the product and service we’re providing? The signal for this, is if you’re willing to tell your mates about us. If you are, then we’re representing cyclists as we should be and have a great, simple and good value product. That’s the recognition we’re after.

Rethink // continually thinking about how we can improve our products by asking cyclists what they need or want, and bringing in fresh thinking from outside of the cycling industry to improve our products.

We believe if we stick to these values and apply them to every element of the Bikmo policy, then we’ll give cyclists of all disciplines, wherever they ride, the best product and service available and they’ll tell their mates about us.